Tall Green Grass Postcard

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Love sending handwritten notes? Well what a better way than on something nature infused and beautiful! Send one to a friend, neighbor, or lonely family member to say thank you or just simply hi!

Each card has a story and is waiting for you to add and pass on a story of your own.

Seriously, can you think of anything cooler than sending or receiving one of these postcards?

Story Behind the Postcard:

One place I go to often is the Old State Hospital grounds in downtown Traverse City, MI. It's in a convenient location and has an awesome history. There is a boardwalk that is, during certain seasons, walled by cat tails with super tall green arms swaying in the breeze. On this day the sun was bright, the birds were chirping, and that green was the greenest green I've ever seen. Well probably not ever but I was just really enjoying the day with its vibrant colors!

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 10 cards for $25

Postcard Details:

Each and every photo was taken by me, juju, on one of my various adventures in Michigan. On the back, the location of each photo is stated with space for a message and the address of recipient.

Postcards are ready to ship 1-2 business days after purchase. They are shipped FREE in a simple, secure manila envelope.

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