Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend / "Relive" / 5ml Bottle

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Exclusively blended to revive memory and help relax the mind so that it may process thoughts more easily. This essential oil was created to help one relive their past and clearly remember their future. 

This product is a 5ml bottle. It is a PURE essential oil blend of Bergamot, Lavender, and Sandalwood.

**There are no returns/refunds on essential oils unless the bottle has NOT been opened**

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This product has NOT been diluted with a carrier oil and is not intended to be ingested or put directly onto the skin.

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**If you are not familiar with pure essential oils, are pregnant, or have medical issues please consult a doctor before use.  Pure essentials can be incredibly beneficial but can also cause many problems if used incorrectly or in some life situations. Jujus Nature is not responsible for issues that may occur during use of essential oil. ***