Fall Moss Postcard

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Love sending handwritten notes? Well what a better way than on something nature infused and beautiful! Send one to a friend, neighbor, or lonely family member to say thank you or just simply hi!

Each card has a story and is waiting for you to add and pass on a story of your own.

Seriously, can you think of anything cooler than sending or receiving one of these postcards?

Story Behind the Postcard:

While out on a chilly fall river side hike along the Upper Boardmen River, just outside Traverse City MI, I noticed a fallen tree with the most vibrant green reflecting off of it. When I approached and got a closer look I noticed adorable red capped fungi growing off of it! I could not resistant snapping a shot, well actually 25 shots, to remember that special tree. 

Postcard Pricing:

Singles: $3 each

Mix n Match options: mix and/or match ANY postcard design, discounted prices will be automatically reflected at checkout


10 cards for $25

Postcard Details:

Each and every photo was taken by me, juju, on one of my various adventures in Michigan. On the back, the location of each photo is stated with space for a message and the address of recipient.

Postcards are ready to ship 1-2 business days after purchase. They are shipped FREE in a simple, secure manila envelope.

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