Michigan Petoskey Stone Earrings / Wire Wrapped Dangles

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A Petoskey stone is both a rock and a fossil that is composed of a fossilized coral. Petoskey stones can be found on various beaches and inland locations in Michigan. When dry, the stone resembles ordinary limestone but when wet or polished the distinctive mottled pattern of the six-sided coral fossils emerges.

Fun Fact : The Petoskey Stone is so popular in Michigan that it was named the official "state stone" in 1965.

~This item is ready to ship within 1-2 business days after purchase
~This set contains both Petoskey Stone coral and small shell fragments 
~Each stone was personally hand gathered, polished Michigan Petoskey stone
~Guaranteed stress tested wire wrapped design including ear hooks that were shaped and hammered for customized look
~Handcrafted using allergy friendly (nickel free), tarnish resistant components  
~Locally sourced materials, support local/small business!!
~Handmade in Michigan, shipped from Michigan

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Length of Earrings: Approximately 2.75 inches
Width of Earrings: Approximately 0.75 inches
Weight: Approximately 3 ounces per earring, lightweight
Materials List 
~Michigan Petoskey stone
~Antique brass wire (nickel free)
Each piece is presented on a handcrafted display card before being placed in an eco-friendly kraft gift box that is filled with non-tarnishing cotton. Each gift box is hand stamped with the Jujus Nature logo and wrapped in jute twine. If you would like more than one item wrapped in the same box please include "Special Instructions for Seller" during checkout.