Who is Juju?

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Hi there! Welcome to Jujus Nature!

I wanted to start by saying I am so happy to see you here! Your interest in Jujus Nature makes me feel so good inside!

Alright, that aside, let me start at the beginning... 

I was raised without cable, internet, or a vast amount of toys so everyday I either had the option to help my mom around the house OR go outside and play. Sometimes I would choose to stay but for the most part I ran as fast as I could to avoid housework!

My neighborhood was a huge green forest and my yard was filled with gardens, animals, and bikes. Being forced to be creative with one of my only toys (the great outdoors) I would find rivers to clean, trails to groom, or trees to climb. 

I would "stalk" the creatures of the forest and pretend that they were playing hid and seek with me. Slowly my backyard became a best friend and was the only place I wanted to be.

The solitude I can achieve from fresh air, swaying trees, and wild flowers is something I look forward to everyday! When I am stressed, tired, happy, in need of someplace quiet I know that my best friend is waiting for me.

As I aged I noticed the lack of respect that is given to something that helps sustain our lives. I realized I wanted to do more and be part of something that helps my best friend in return for the help it has provided me throughout the years.

I was raised to use all that is available and to show respect and appreciation for what is given. For this reason I have strong feelings against waste without attempt at renewal. My varying collections are my attempt to show respect, to honor, and thank what is given to me by nature! Through my collections I hope to bring awareness to the life and beauty that we receive, everyday, from Mother Nature. 

I hope you enjoy what Jujus Nature is all about and if you want to learn more or keep an eye on my journey please join me on Facebook and Instagram!

If you are ever in Michigan, check me out in-store at Forsberg's a New Leaf in Marquette, MI  , Empire Blu in Traverse City, MI , or HNM Wellness in Traverse City, MI

Please remember to ALWAYS recycle, reuse, and re-purpose to renew life!


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