Stone Bead Availability Guide

Looking for a specific stone? I may have what you are looking for. Use this guide to see if Jujus can create a one of a kind piece of jewelry using your favorite natural stone beading....

Didn't find what you were seeking? Ask if we can provide it for HERE to contact me directly!

Stone Size
Abalone Shell Sm. disk
Agate (dyed) 6mm
Amazonite Med. chip
Amber 4mm - Rondelle
Amber 4mm
Amethyst 4mm
Amethyst 5mm
Amethyst Lg. chip
Amethyst Ovals
Amethyst Med. chip
Amethyst Lg. Teardrop
Apatite Med. chip
Apatite 2mm
Aqua Terra Jasper 4mm
Aqua terra Jasper 6mm
Aquamarine Med. chip
Aquamarine 6mm
Artistic Jasper 4mm
Aventurine Med. chip
Bamboo Coral (dyed) 4mm
Banded Agate 6mm
Black Agate 6mm
Black Goldstone (man made) 8mm
Black Jasper Med. chip
Botswana Agate Med. chip
Calcite 6mm
Carnelian 6mm
Chinese Rainbow Jasper 6mm
Ching Hai Jade 6mm
Citrine Sm. disk
Citrine Lg. chip
Citrine 4mm - Rondelle
Crazy Lace Agate 6mm
Dalmation Jasper Med. chip
Dendritic Jasper 4mm
Fancy Jasper  Med. chip
Fancy Jasper  4mm
Fancy Jasper  6mm
Garnet 4mm - Rondelle
Garnet 4mm
Goldstone (man-made) Med. chip
Green Jade 6mm
Green Jade 4mm
Green Serpentine 6mm
Green Unakite 4mm
Hessonite Garnet 2mm - Rondelle
Howlite 6mm
Howlite (dyed) Med. chip
Ice Flake Quartz Lg. chip
Ice Flake Quartz (dyed) Lg. chip
Imperial Jasper (dyed) Sm. Square
Labadorite Med. chip
Labadorite 2mm chip
Lapis Lazuli Stone Med. chip
Lapis Lazuli Stone 4mm - Rondelle
Larvikite 6mm
Leopard Skin Jasper 6mm
Matte Amethyst Lg. disk
Matte Amethyst 6mm
Morganite 4mm
Peridot 2mm - Rondelle
Peridot  4mm
Peridot Jasper 4mm
Picture Jasper 6mm
Pink Jade 4mm - Rondelle
Pink Lapis Lazuli Stone 10mm
Poppy Jasper 6mm
Purple Jade 4mm - Rondelle
Quartzite (dyed) Med. chip
Rainbow Fluorite Med. chip
Rainbow Moonstone 5mm
Rainbow Sheen Obsidian Med. chip
Raw Turquoise Lg. chip
Red Agate Med. chip
Red Agate Pebble
Red Jasper 4mm
Rhodonite 6mm
Rhodonite 5mm
Rose Quartz Med. chip
Rose Quartz 4mm
Rose Quartz 8mm
Rose Quartz 6mm
Ruby in Zoisite Lg. chip
Russian Serpentine 6mm
Serpentine Jade 5mm - disk
Snowflake Obsidian 4mm
Snowflake Obsidian 8mm
Snowflke Obsidian 6mm
Sodalite 6mm
Sunstone 4mm - Rondelle
Tiger Eye 4mm 
Tiger Eye Lg. chip
Tiger Eye Med. chip
Tiger Skin Jasper 6mm
Tourmaline Quartz Med. chip
Tree Agate 4mm
Tree Jasper 6mm
Turquoise Med. chip
Zebra Jasper 4mm