Jujus Mission

What is Jujus Mission?

These things I would like to promise you...

  • All pieces are handcrafted by me and only me
  • All pieces are made in and shipped from Michigan
  • All pieces are made with nature in mind using Michigan based product in an attempt to support local business
  • All rock is personally hand gathered throughout Michigan’s pristine landscapes (trails, beaches, gravel pits, etc...) 
  • To always recycle and reuse materials as much as possible
  • Maintain a quality over quantity mind set throughout the growth of JuJus Nature
  • Never damage, pollute, or hurt the environment in anyway at anytime
  • Provide eye opening pieces to those who have not yet found a love for Michigan and her beauty
  • Maintain a strong appreciation for Mother Nature and the gifts she continues to give me!


         Michigan Tree Algea