Michigan Beach Stone Necklaces

I truly enjoy roaming through out Michigan in hopes of finding rocks that catch the eye in an unique way. I do not look for a particular type of stone but more for something that grabs me through color, size, or even where it lays. Michigan's landscapes are riddle with beautiful stone and I take that has an invite to enjoy what it has to offer me. 

With the Jujus Nature pure Michigan beach stone collection you are able to take home the memory of Michigan's beauty and treasure the history the stone beholds. You may think that a beach is the only place I hunt for rock but hiking trails, gravel pits and the occasional parking lot suits my desires as well. Remember.. one of a kind rock specimens are easy to find... if looking in the right place! 

I guarantee all of the rocks you see in my shop are personally hand gathered through out Michigan's pristine landscapes. I do all of the prep, cleaning, polishing, wire wrapping, and stress testing. Maintaining this policy allows me to create a very personal connection with each and every stone. I love to have the ability to collect one item and make it into something  brand new. 

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