Aromatherapy Stone Diffuser Necklace / Purple Jade & Amethyst Beaded

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Wearable oil diffuser necklaces offer a creative way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy through out the entire day. Jujus Nature's Michigan Sandstone diffuser necklaces are a natural, hassle free, fashionable option that allows you to enjoy your favorite essential oils while carrying the memory of Michigan's beauty.   

Pure essential oils are not intended to be placed directly onto the skin. With a wearable sandstone diffuser there is no oil to skin contact allowing one to embrace the scent without fear of allergic reaction. 

How does it work?
Sandstone naturally absorbs moisture allowing the essential oils to sit within the rock for hours up to days (depending on the strength of the oil) before wearing out. Wearable diffusers create a safe way to enjoy essential oils and their many benefits.
**Read more about use and diffusion at end of description**
< Details >
~Personally hand gathered and wrapped Michigan Sandstone
~Natural Amethyst beading, Perfect February birthday gift idea
~Handcrafted using allergy friendly (nickel free), tarnish resistant components  
~Locally sourced materials, support local/small business!!
~Handmade in Michigan, shipped from Michigan
Amethyst is not only February's birthstone but is also said to help cure insomnia and nightmares. These two things in combination with the option to diffuse makes this unique diffuser necklace a creative gift idea.
**Each stone is cleaned and stress tested before they are created into diffuser necklaces.**

< Measurements >
Necklace Length: Approximately 18 inches
Length of Pendant: Approximately 1.5 inch
Length of Beading: Approximately 1.5 inch
Width of Pendant: Approximately 1 inches
Weight: Approximately 6 ounce, lightweight


< Materials List >
~Michigan Sandstone
~Natural Amethyst chip beads
~Purple Jade Beads
~Antique brass wire (nickel free)
~Antique brass chain (nickel free)
~Antique brass lobster clasp closure (nickle free)


Each piece is presented on a handcrafted display card before being placed in an eco-friendly kraft gift box that is filled with non-tarnishing cotton. Each gift box is hand stamped with the Jujus Nature logo and wrapped in jute twine. If you would like more than one item wrapped in the same box please include a "Special Instructions to Seller" during checkout.
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<To use>
Instruction sheets will be included with each purchase. Please contact me with any further
***If you are not familiar with pure essential oils, please consult a doctor before use. Pure essentials can be incredibly beneficial when used correctly, but they can also cause many problems when used incorrectly***