Is it True?! Am I finally Open For Business??

After much creation time spent, Jujus Nature is finally open online!

Now, I will tell you one thing....You CAN build a website, on your own, without any technology training. What I will warn is that you WILL have to invest a ton of time into learning and training yourself.... I give plenty of thanks to Shopify and their amazing support team for putting up with my overly stupid...well I don't mean stupid but not exactly smart questions.

Before Shopify and having my own webpage, Jujus was on Etsy...which is a fantastic site to start your creative business on but after a little over a year, drifting in and out of the Etsy game, I decided it was time to venture out on my own.  ( I still sell on Etsy...check me out a second income and to give Jujus a wider social base on the interwebs ) 

In addition to my new website, I decided blogging was an ultimate must. I am a horrible writer and my grammar is crap but I have been told again and again that to gain a good following with amazing exposure a blog is the way to go. So I apologize ahead of time for my misspellings, run on sentences, and I am sure many other writing oppsies!

So that is that....A new site with a blog...can't wait to see where it brings me and what things I will learn along the way! I am happy you are here for the journey!

Jewel Samsey
A self taught jewelry designer based in Traverse City, Michigan.

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