Dear New Me,

Dear New Me,

Here is the rebirth of an already crappy blog!

New Year, New Blog

With the New Year, I have decided to hit reboot on my blog.

 I Admit I am not a great blogger and I am an even worse writer. So…..

Well this will probably be funny at times…it is okay if you laugh, I guarantee I will be laughing too… That is one of the main reasons why I have changed my blog’s name to “Dear Diary..the handmaker’s fail..” because I will be using this blog as an active feed for all the other struggling handmakers out there.

I decided to start my own handmade jewelry business… Jujus Nature… a few years ago. All by myself, with no financial backing, and no business experience. Thankfully I am an amazing self-learner, if I wasn’t I would have quit this silly thing 6 months in.

Throughout my learning, crying, jumping for joy, banging my head against a wall, throwing money around like a crazy person, and then coming back down to earth for a breath. I realized I wanted to let every other crazy self-starter know that they are not the only one. I wanted to give hope when feelings are down, praise when feelings are up, and support in any way that I can.

I have learned A LOT and I wanted to find a way to pass any wisdom on. Even when that wisdom turns out to be old news that I believed to be genius new age information.

So here I go into the world of learning something new….blogging….I hope you enjoy.

Please leave me comments, questions, concerns, wisdom, positive thoughts, and tidbits of information. I hope to learn from you just as much as I hope you learn from me!

Peace and Love,


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Jewel Samsey
A Self Taught Jewelry Designer Based in Traverse City, MI.

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