A True Pure Michigan Summer

A True, Pure Michigan Summer

Summer is fast approaching and if you have ever lived in or visited Michigan you will understand how exciting that is!! Michigan winters are SUPER brutal but the summers are just so beautiful! So to celebrate my excitement for summer I decided it would be fun to tell you some of the reasons why I love Michigan summers so much.
Reason #1
For starters fresh water lakes are the best to lay by, swim in, and play on top of. Michigan is well known for its huge fresh waters lakes and if you live/vacation near one you will definitely be spending a ton of time working on that tan! Here is a list of some of my favorite beachy chill spots in Northern Michigan.

»        Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. The sand dunes in this area are amazingly huge and so fun to run down! The bottom of the dunes meet with the Lake Michigan shoreline making a perfect run and splash situation! Now here is a warning… the running down part is fun and easy but you still have to climb back up to the top. Last time I did it, it took me nearly 35 minutes to reach the top…But the bragging rights received at the end are well worth it!!
»        The beautiful town of Frankfort has a picturesque harbor with two lighthouses that you can walk out to and a beautiful beach to hang out on. It can be busy at times but there are some hidden places that can give you the feeling of seclusion.

Along with lakes there are also plenty of rivers to play on like the Boardman River that runs through Traverse City and Platte River which spills out into Lake Michigan.
Reason #2
Hiking, camping, hiking, and camping again!! The great up north is one of the best places to get lost and be one with nature. I love nature and spend most of my summer finding a trail I’ve never been on or re-hiking a trail that I’ve done before. I also believe a good campfire can cure any aliment so a few nights…or weeks… camping is a must! Yes, we do have a lot of those pesky things called mosquitoes but they’re nothing bug spray and a smokey fire can’t handle.
New to Michigan’s outdoor adventures? Check this site out for some awesome hiking and camping options: http://www.michigan.gov/dnr
Reason #3
I have the pleasure of living in Michigan’s wine country. Traverse City is surrounded by tons of wineries on two different peninsulas. In the summer everything is in bloom and green, the wineries are gorgeous, and it so peaceful to sit and have a glass of wine with the vines.
Here are my absolute top fav places to sip and relax:

      Bowers Harbor Vineyards
      Black Star Farms
      Left Foot Charley

Now I know I only listed 4 but there are a TON of wineries to visit and check out. If you are visiting Northern Michigan than you are going wine tasting… Like you literally have to!
Excited to come and see what a Michigan summer is all about?!?!
Whatever your plans are for this 2017 summer season make sure to have fun, play safe, and clean up after yourself. My earth is your earth and we only have one to play with! 

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